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Originally Posted by snowcatxx87 View Post
The guy was like, I want OEM lights P46 blow - I said wait, lets try a retro. He said ok. On the way here I said, lets move the p46 to the inner and it just kept on going LOL!

Quads are awesome, and it LOOKs awesome. You def have the parts so do it up man!

I'm glad I convinced him to push the inner projector forward more, to sit flush with the bowl, it makes it look better than being sunken in.

The other side is DONE and awaiting bumper modifications before it all goes backtogether.
Damn I want to do this now... FX-R for the outer beam, OEM projectors for the inner beams... all 4 lights w/ all shutters open w/ highbeam. That would probably be ridiculously bright (but amazing at the same time ).

Would that "additional xenon retrofit" option under SSS allow me to use HIDs w/ the inner bulbs without having flickering issues?
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