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Originally Posted by mrshelley View Post
If you are running 18" then I'd look into some used Continental Tires from a GS team. I sell all of my 17" tires to guys that do track events. They wear really well, are a medium compound and are cheap. I sell mine for $100/set and that's dirt cheap for a dedicated race tire that will get you at least 3 to 4 weekends out of them
As a customer of shelly's I can definitly agree! I would do your first 3-5 events on your stock tires and just upgrade your brakes, then if you really want to get into it then get your self some dedicated track wheels and tires. I've been running shelly's continental take off's all season, and they are amazing. I am a bmw club instructor and I usually get about 4-5 track days worth of driving out of a set. That's 3-4 23min sessions per day. The tires work great and wear excellent. I just got 2 more sets from him that will last me the rest of the season.

Jp, on a different note, how are the new conti slicks verse the conti badged hoosiers that I am currently on?

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