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Freedman, I'm attaching a new picture that should clear things up and is more representative of the real thing than the realoem figure.

Thanks for the picture compliments. I did these in Microsoft PowerPoint (their slide-making program) by just inserting the pictures and then adding arrows, circles, text boxes, etc (all functions that PowerPoint can do using their drawing toolbar) on top of the picture and then I saved it as a jpeg. Any drawing or slide-making program could do the same thing.

[Edit: I am adding a second picture in case some are having a hard time finding the hose. You probably do have to push some wires out of the way initially to help you identify the hose. A light will help.

****Also be aware that the hose may not yet be broken in two like mine. It may of course just have a crack in it, probably at the same location as the break in mine and others.]

Pic #5: Diagram showing relationship of broken hose to the oil separator and dipstick tube.

Pic #6: Another view of the broken hose area.

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