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i'm to the tuning stage now. the stock ecu is freaking out and retarding timing to 15-20 ATDC, which doesn't play well with temperatures, so i have to take over the ignition, car idles well and drives in boost insanely rich due to untuned map and 660cc injectors.

waiting on parts to take over the stock ignition coils, went to price out a new ls2 coil setup today, they quoted me $1100 for 6 coils, brackets and harness.

the turbo isn't ebay. it's an actual garrett gt3251.

here's some more pictures, not of the bmw but of past projects. the two turbos being compared are sc61 precision and gt3251 that's on the bmw now

i'm actually fine with keeping both. the sentra is the OG, so i'll always hang onto that. it's a built 2.5L 4 pot with 100 mm stroke and a 57 trim t4 compressor. all it needs now is a bigger turbo, bigger exhaust, and sequential fueling from ms3x. plus i built the damn thing in the garage, cylinder deglazing and all with the engine still in the car. so it's also holds some sentimental value.

the supra will get its share eventually, probably in the form of an entirely oversized single turbo that sounds like a jet taking off and has lots of lag and all the goodies to keep that safe, injectors, alky, fuel pumps, engine management.

i'll eventually have to yank the engine out of that car. the engine has 170k miles on it, the car itself has 270k miles. once the engine is out, i'll build it with some beefier internals.

only thing i'm in a hurry right now is getting the bmw project further, but that'll have to wait for 4-5 more days.

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Little off topic, but you should sell your sentra and use that cash to build the crap out of your supra.
to go even more offtopic, here's some hardware from the sentra:

crower rods + cp pistons with swaintech goldcoat on top and skirts.

stock internals, the rods bend around 16-ish psi with proper tuning, 320-350ish whp range:

another sentra i built. the block in this one was sleeved, crower rods and CP pistons with the same coat, turbo size comparisons:

one on the car is a precision sc61, the one being held is a gt3251 (this is the turbo going on the bmw, 51mm impeller)

that car was also using LS1 coil packs with firebird spark plug leads

airplane on a treadmill = lie - need airfoil speed.

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5 star worthy on just the garageful of pictures and elbow grease on the first page.

I cant wait til I can start clicking on the 2nd page though. THat loading to read the last few comments on the 1st page s killing me!!!

good luck on the ebay turbo.

this beats the airplane on the thread mill thing fo sho by like a million.

in for results!@
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