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thank you

Originally Posted by aaronu View Post
MAF getting messed up from an oiled filter is not from extra contaminants getting in. It's from extra oil on the filter getting into the air intake stream and contaminating the MAF "hot wire". That throws off the air density readings, which in turn change what the ECU does. Example: maybe you drive your car at sea level but the ECU thinks you are at 5600 feet elevation. The ECU will dink with fuel ratio, timing, or who knows what else to compensate for what it sees as leaner air. The worse that the MAF is off, the worse your car will run.

So yeah, just get a can of MAF spray. I use CRC MAF cleaner as well, every time I clean and re-oil the filter. +1000 on don't touch the MAF sensor wire.

Also if you have any type of oiled filter, pick up a cleaning/re-oiling "recharge" kit. If at all possible, get one with a spray oil. And SPRAY LIGHTLY. If you think the filter has just enough oil, it probably has too much.

And don't clean the filter too often. They can go for a LONG time between cleanings. If you live in a sandy or dusty area, maybe invest in a prefilter sock you can remove and clean.

Thanks for the thorough explanation. I think you just explained the trouble I am having with my E46, after cleaning & re-oiling K&N filter

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