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So here is how I wired it up..

Taped into the purple/white telephone switched 12v and the brown ground (however, I had two brown cables in the bundle...)

Connectors to the wiretaps.

From the connectors it goes to the iPhone car charger which I dissembled.
Solder to the connects where the side prongs and front spring loaded knob is.

Then cut the back cord that would originally go to the iPod charging and solder on a new cable (which I found lying around so gauge is unknown). I know my solder sucks, I'm fixing these spots right now which may be the problem.

Then placed a connector on that wire to easily disconnect it when taking my interior apart, as well as the other connector on the USB Hub end. (The white and Green wires are data)

Then the final

If you see anything that is off or should be different please let me know. Thanks
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