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Transistors aren't pulling voltage up enough. I need about 5-6vdc for correct illumination. When I tested the circuit using PNP (2n3906) the Emitter voltage was 0.7 vdc when forward biased (turned on) which is matched @ Collector..... Is there a way to "pull up" the voltage @ Collector to 4-5vdc? If I could isolate grounds on LEDs problem is easy. Its providing the 4-5vdc that's seems to be eluding me...... Could use relays, but looking for a lower current drawing solution.... or Bilateral CMOS gates, but those need to be driven by a TTL inverter (now voltage reg would be required)...... Driving me crazy. Going to try with Micro relays I think; just got to find time to buy (not easy to find)...... thoughts?
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