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Originally Posted by howie1971 View Post
I admire your tenacity Nachos23 it sounds frustrating. I am following this thread with interest as I am interested in retrofitting the DCT or M3 shifter. Its a bit beyond me so I was looking to purchase the mod. I am not sure if it helps but the guy at the (I think they are a sponsor) said he can do both on an E46.

However although the lights work its still a mechanical shift. So do I understand it right that you are trying to make the PRND electronic as well? I have just bought the paddleshift wheel/mod for the steptronic so I am excited by that but what I would really like is to be able to engage P when sitting at the lights via a button. The P button on the DCT shifter would be ideal so I hope you get it working. I have asked a couple of people whether they can do it but no success yet.

Thanks Howie;

The M3 shifter is easy. same circuitry as our e46's..... I thought the DCT would be similar; that's where I was wrong. LOL.....

I've purchased small micro relays this afternoon and will try tonight or tomorrow to finish project. I also am going to do some physical inspecting of current mechanical and switch setup. Depending on how the M/S switch functions, this could be an easy mod *and I've spent alot of uneccessay time). The Steptronic connector has 4 pins on it. I know 2 are to identify upshift and downshift (hall effect sensors; BMW loves them). The interesting part are the other 2 pins that seem to go through lightinng panel and then on to ground. Hoping I can bypass that connector and then just run power to LEDs; nothing to it.... Don't think it'll be that easy, but if I can bypass the lighting panel and go direct from connectors, then I can just feed power to connectors through resistor bridge. going to try and figure this all out and come up with the easiest solution......

As far as ANYONE doing this sucessfully; NOPE I'm gonna be the first!!! (then make retro-fit kits)

Going to use the P button to REPLACE mechanical shiftlock with Electronic shiftlock. The current mechanical shiftlock is the button we press to release the gearshift. There is no such mechanical lock on the DCT as it is pure electronic. It comes with a electronic RELEASE button on side of shifter, but I'm going to use the P button instead; prefer it's placement.

Today we need to press both mechancial shiftlock and brake to release shift lever; I'm gong to force using the brake and P button to release sift lever...

To hook-up paddle shifter, connect the 2 wires from the paddles to the middle 2 wires on steptronic connector; easy; if backwards, reverse wires thats it.
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