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Originally Posted by delmarco View Post
A 330i or 325i with really good Snow Tires will get better gas mileage and just as much stability, if not better stability, than a 330xi or 325xi with crappy all season tires in ANY New York Winter.

For the xi models you DEFINATELY want to check out ALL suspension components because the tend to wear out quickly if the car isn't cared for and can be costly to fix.
Classic xi-hater comment right here. Really? A car with snow tires out-performs a car without? Wow. That sure is profound. Better not get an xi!

In all seriousness, the xi is a better car than a non-M RWD e46. Built better, built stronger, more capable, higher resale, and they were all built in Munich.

OP- do yourself a favor and get a manual. Automatic 3-series are a waste of money.
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