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Originally Posted by Tdaz250 View Post
Hey i got a question. So my mom's 650i has chrome aftermarket wheels at least i think there chrome theres not really a convenient way to wash the back/inside of the wheel(so when she or i wash it the outside looks good but the inside still has a bunch of brakedust...is there some kind of product to just spray on/all around and just hose off?

I picked up some mothers spray stuff that i saw advertised on a couple places just to try it out(havent tried it).

Anyway i'd just see if you have a recommend. Thanks
I apologize for the slow response, we've been crazy busy! A good cleaner and a good brush should be able to remove most of the loose build ups. You'll want to use a safe cleaner like the P21S Gel Wheel Cleaner or Chemical Guys Diablo Gel Rim and Wheel Cleaner. Both are pH netural and totally safe on those wheels. Since they are gels they will do a little bit better job of staying where you spray it and break up those hard to reach build ups. I would then agitate the area with a DI Accessories E-Z Detail Brush. If the build ups are really old and stubborn you may need to polish them. A good metal polish like the Optimum (OPT) Metal Polish and a soft cloth would be ideal. This will deep clean the surface and hopefully it's much easier to maintain with the routine I listed above.

Lastly protecting the wheels with a sealant would also be a huge help. You can use a sealant just like you use on your paint or a wheel specific product like the Poorboy's World Wheel Sealant. It will help repel build ups and make future cleanings so much easier.

We have a few wheel and tire care kits if interested:
DI Packages Wheel and Tire Basic Kit
DI Packages Wheel and Tire Starter Kit
DI Packages Wheel and Tire Ultimate Kit

Let me know if you have any questions!
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