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.....well...... Vasilis doesnt even have a working version of the firmware with my new UI on it so for now I would just say "stay tuned"....

With regards to the nav program that I am running on my unit (the high resolution one from my info thread) is something that Vasilis put together and it isnt something I could or would charge for. Understand that the nav is basicly windows running a program contained on the sd card, so it will run pretty much any program you stick in it (although some better than others) so the procedure to get updated nav has more to do with what and how you download/buy the program than how to make work on the dynavin. I will help with the steps to get it set up on your unit for sure though. Dont worry about bricking your unit, The only danger of that comes from hacking the DVD board and that isnt something anyone of us is doing.....only vasilis and a couple other dynavin developers are that deep into it, and they wont release anything unless it is safe. From what I have seen an update procedure seems to be in place now with a special USB cable so I think that easy DIY firmware updates (either from dynavin or vasilis) should be coming sooner than later.

Thanks for the compliments, it is my intention to be as honest and straightforward with this venture as possible...On the internet word of mouth is EVERYTHING, so I want you guys to know I am your fellow member and fanatic first, and a business second, and any of you who have worked with me know that I will always help in any way I can. (and if I make a few bucks doing it I wont mind!)

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