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Originally Posted by phamine View Post
I wasn't able to get any of the plastic yellow washers on w/o getting the circle clip on? Did anyone use this shifter able to get the yellow washers on as well as the circle clip.

Also, how far down should the rubber boot be on the shifter?
Originally Posted by marcopolio View Post
I struggled with that washer too but I cleaned it and the clip and the rod with WD-40 as well as I could and finally managed to get it on. I had to use a screwdriver as a lever to force the clip all the way on but I think it would be okay without the washer. Probably?

As for the rubber boot, I just put some lube in there before I put the shift lever in and then I could move it around easily until it looked like it was in the right spot.
Guys, guys you dont need those washers simply because the new 545i shifter has the washers built in. I apologize that I didnt state that in the OP. If you look at your original shifter and the 545i shifter you'll see that the 545i shifter has the inside plastic ring that sticks out pass the metal one on both sides like so:

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