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i havent been able to pass inspection since Nov. 2009 (thats teh date it was due). It is now july 4th and i still have yet to pass. i HAD the ebay headers, took it to private inspection...FAIL (obviously, but at the time i didnt know my facelift would be such a bitch to pass cuz of the ECU being ridiculously sensitive). then i got the AA ECU reflash and all they did was turn off the o2 sensors, and the codes i was throwing went away...thought i would pass, went to inspection and got a big fat FAIL. THEN, i took the ebay headers out, put the stock ones back in, reflashed it AGAIN so that AA could turn the o2 sensors back on, thought i was in the clear and took it to inspection and, FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL!!!! why do facelift ECUs have to the such little b!chez!!!! and because of this...i ended up spending INSANE amounts of money to get the headers installed, then gettin AA software for fix the problem, and because that didnt fix the problem, i had to pay to but my stock manifold back in, then pay to get it reflashed to turn the O2 sensors back on, and that didnt work so i had to go to BMW to pay to get it reflashed back to stock....AANNNDDDD I STIL HAD TO PAY TO GET MY THERMOSTAT REPLACED CUZ APPARENTLY THAT WAS SCREWED UP TOO!!!!! ughhhh.....FML!!! SERIOUSLY! i spent so much money on making my car slower! why me?!?!

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