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Originally Posted by SalM View Post
Im not looking to gain like Hp power out of the pump Just Power in general would car feel like it has more power since the water flow is increased by almost 35%
Increased water flow has nothing to do with how the car "feels," but only how well the engine is cooled. It would just be better than the OEM pump at preventing the car from overheating. I'm not really sure what you mean by "would the car feel more powerful" while not referring to the HP.

However, if the high performance pump has a better flow-design resulting in less resistance, then you could technically get less parasitic drain on the engine and maybe an extremely small power increase. Most likely you wouldn't be able to feel the power gain, though.

If you underdrive the water pump (literally slowing down your water pump by using a larger pulley,) you would decrease the load on the engine (at the expense of decreasing the effectiveness of your cooling system.) Some say doing this has noticeable power gains, others say it doesn't.

IMO don't mess with underdriving cooling system. It's not something you want failing on you at any point, because the cost will outweigh the benefits.

If you do decide to underdrive the water pump, then replacing the pump with the high performance stewart pump could help counteract the decreased cooling effectiveness.
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