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Great diagrams, particularly the useful pulling tool contraption.

Both my Indy Tech and MOT inspector agree that mine are ok but those bushes do flex a lot by design. My tech gave me a demo of this flexing in action with the car up on the lift, there's more movement there with e46s than many other cars.

You can feel this as a kind of "grabbing" through the steering wheel under sharp braking as the forces of physics try to twist the wishbones one way against the rubber of the bushes, hence many people's preference for Powerflex or similar.

My tech did mention he was getting some upgraded ones in (don't know who makes them, could be Powerflex, he races M3s so they'll be good, whatever). I think I'll be asking for them when mine need changing, should give a tighter steering feel.

Am I right in thinking if considering DIY you could save a lot of hacking / pressing effort by buying new carrier + bush units complete?

Originally Posted by pcdsl View Post
Hopefully it'll get rid of my front end vibrations.
Just a thought but front end vibrations are more likely to be something else. If at certain speeds I'd look at wheel & tyre balancing, if under braking more likely to be warped brake disks (US:rotors).

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