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With a CI you most typically bye the bushing and carrier already installed. Here in NA its around $60- 70 for the complete (non-Xi) assemlby. The Xi bushing costs the same for the bushings as does the regular set. Carriers are another $70 - 80 and if you want them to press, then add another $80 -90. Considerably more expensive, so most folks with Xi's re-use the carriers and try to find a way to avoid paying full price to be pressed. On the other hand, my car has 240,000km (180,000m) and this is the first time they've been done..... Most non-Xi's are done every 100K or less...... your mounting bolts are also not hidden and are readily accessible.... Your FCAB mounting bolts are accessible from bottom of car (not from behind as in my pics) and can be accessed with air tools and proper sockets..... The rest is the same. As far sledge and balljoints, always done it that way; again, mine are perfect with 230,000 km and they've been removed a dozen or so times as I've done upgrades, CV joints, FCABs, etc and they're still perfect. Know how to do it properly I get it loose with maybe 3-4 moderate swings...... Ya, sure a puller works great, but the old ways are sometimes still just as good... My fan removal tool is a flat steel with a cutout for the bolts on our fans and guess what, I use a single swing of a mallet to loosen the fan bolt..... Home made; works great!

Remember; the tools are only as good as the individual using them!!
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