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Originally Posted by IFX View Post
wtf, your girl hanging out with her ex?
You don't just "hang" out with ex's..
she was at the bar with some friends when he showed up. The reason I dont really mind is that the dude is awkward. she was texting me how much he has changed into this hipster dork thing and he is trying to put his arm around her.

then she tells me that she is with me now, and he stopps. everyone who did pursue her stops after they find out she's with me. even this guy ian who was really really stalkish and into her.

yeah it is shady **** if i didnt know how he was and she was. so richard texts me cause he knows i really like her letting me know "the bad news" when she had already told me.

now her on the other hand is the jealous type. I told her about my best friend libby and how we were going to have a photoshoot together where she modeled for me and she got pissed. (she's into photography too so she wonders why i didnt ask her instead) and she KNOWS that libby is my best friend and only that.

so if anything me not really caring is a plus right? anyways the girl is done with that dude. and richard kept an eye on them all night. she doesnt know how well i know richard either so yeah.
A lawyer opens the door of his BMW; suddenly a car drives by and rips the door completely off. Police officer
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"You makes me sick" officer responds, "So worried about your BMW; but don't even notice your left arm is missing?"
"OMG.." lawyer replies. "Where's my Rolex?"
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