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Originally Posted by Lil. Lucas View Post
In your opinion if installing an ESS TS3 you wouldn't touch the head?
that's a sh!t question.

The ESS tune relies on more open than stock exhaust ports.

Ask a question that adheres more to the flow numbers of the ports compared.

Though I believe PEI, I'm skeptical, based only on studying the ports with my eyes, the n54 ports look far better, like m5x(singlevanos), in some places almost as impressive as s54 ports.

The m54 ports work, I know they make similar whp to the s50/2 with similar setups. Up to PEI and Brady's and my supposed 230ishwhp, it hangs with e36s with similar mods, so it can't be bad technology. But e36s eventually make more power.

There's the example of Karl's m54, I don't know much about it, except that it made too much power. It went beyond what e36 guys ever do. And I have no clue as to how it was done.

To the OP: there's a lot you need to know before you embark on this. Go to bimmerforums. You clearly dont know much about this engine family and how people build it, what has been successful and what hasn't. There is no way you're going to get enough guidance from a single thread posting what you plan. Maybe buy a s13, do that first, in the meantime read about bmw turbo projects. Figure out a tuning solution, take your time. Our engines dont use valve seeds. Learn as much as you can about the single vanos I6 turbo setups, it's the same family.

I think I've done everything you plan to do. To make good decisions at the beginning stage (which is very important), you need to do a lot of research. Sometimes people come out of the woodwork with a turbo project and ace it when everybody expects them to fall face first. Unless you've done a couple dozen turbo projects before, this is going to be difficult, especially if you plan to do standalone tuning.

I appreciate that the idea for this setup came from someone who has some commercial success in a car tv show. But it doesn't mean anything.

I recommend using an existing turbo tuner, the one I used, I think may be the only one. But I wouldn't want anyone else. Consider Technique Tuning if this is something you want done within the foreseeable future and you want it to work without hiccups.

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