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Originally Posted by bluejeansonfire View Post
you're going to spend $2500 on exhaust ports? That's beyond absurd. I didn't spend that on my entire head, and that included unshrouding and a full valve job. You need neither for a ts3. If you want to save money, buy a dremel, port match, don't go more than an inch into your ports. IIRC, that's all ESS did, to make it simple for TS3 customers. Port-matching isn't the impossible science some might claim it to be. Porting the area behind the valve kind of is. Playing with the taper in the middle of the port is something I'd avoid as well. But for the purpose of just port-matching, one inch in, it's easy.

Your question was loaded, it meaninglessly rubs against the grain of a point just made, as it has a a rigid answer that's associated with a tune. It's not related to flow, to make your setup match the tune, its a requirement, regardless of actual flow improvement, though I believe that a port match on that head will help. But as long as you bring up my bushing in a discussion of headflow. I'll respond as I have, I'll call you out, and as it seems, you'll bring in the most irrelevant points into the ring... and then you'll call me condescending, what the sh!t do you expect?
Your control arm was a good example of how much I value your opinion, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. My question wasn't unreasonable to ask, good luck with your car that is broken more then its driveable
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