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Originally Posted by drivrswntd View Post
I dont know about you, but I can feel exactly what my car is doing at all times. I can tell when i'm not putting the power down and the inside is spinning or when the car is rotating just enough to get a good slip angle for corner exit. It is clearly obvious when dsc is on/off or partially off.

Feels very muted to me, more communicative than most cars on the road but nothing compared to my old ride. Not a bad thing at all makes a lot better daily driver. I probably just need to get used to it and "listen" more carefully it.

Its just the lack of engine vibration, one wheel spin vs increased slip angle when you give it too much gaz, the general quietness of it.

For example coming out of a really tight turn on an autocross, if you give it a bit too much gas, you are just going to have your inside tire spin and your speed will increase a bit but not as much as if you were giving the proper amount of gas. But apart from the lack of acceleration there isn't giving you an idea of whats going on, are you giving to much gas ? Is your throttle lagging behind ?

In my old car, if that was the case, the stiff engine mounts would transmit a sudden increase in vibrations throughout the entire car, it would start getting a bit sideways and I knew I was giving it just a bit too much throttle and I could correct for it.

I have to learn the E46 chassis some more anyway I'm pretty new to this car. Autocross next week end is right on time.
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