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Originally Posted by jblack03zhp View Post
I'm looking into getting the UUC Stage II Flywheel for my 330i ZHP and I was wondering as to which clutch plate setup to use in conjunction with this:

Stage I performance organic
Stage III Multi-puck ceramic

If there's anyone with any of these combo setups can you please give me a brief insight & opinion.

Also I'm planning to change out my tranny & engine mounts while I'm in there, any preferred brands or are they all about the same?

Thanks for the help guys
We offer the entire UUC catalog and you can see all of your options below...

Click HERE to order or for more information.

*Photos for reference only*

I am personally running the Stage2 with the M5 cluch kit and love it! It's been on for several years now with out any trouble!

Please let us know if you have any questions! Feel free to shoot me a PM or email.


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