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Originally Posted by HelixAngle View Post

Have been searching for an answer to this question for a while, even emailed USA SPEC but only got a five word answer back that didn't really answer the question, so here goes:

Can anyone with a 99-00 HU comment on the 'double press' issue with the buttons when using the US Spec. ie, Do you have to press twice for a playlist? to change songs? on the steering wheel? Does it annoy the hell out of you or is it ok to live with? Is this also a problem on the DICE?

Cheers guys (and any girls).
I have a 99 unit. When I first installed my box, I was pleased to find that I wasn't having to double press at all. Everything worked the first time from the steering wheel and HU. But then I noticed I wasn't getting text display. It turns out there is a switch on the unit that switches text on (only for 99-01 HUs perhaps?). With that on, I get text BUT I have to double press to change playlists and change tracks from the HU but from the steering wheel (which I use all the time anyway) it only takes 1 press. I have had a few other very minor issues with it but I'm very happy with the device.

tl;dr Double press isn't a big deal, but you can give up text display to fix it if it bothers you.
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