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Originally Posted by YGOAMG View Post
I think ull find the answer is yes

in my opinion.. you should ONLY get penalised for not obeying a traffic signal (running a red) when the opposite lights have changed to green..

not when the lights facing u have gone red..
they give that buffer of 'all lights being red' for a reason ... so u shouldnt be fined/snapped for going through during this period

Originally Posted by AussieM3 View Post
Yes it is measured from when you rear wheels enter the interection.
Sorry mate wish I had better news for you.

Originally Posted by Sherweeeny View Post
ali, same thing happened to me and i even thought i got flashed, but no fine ever came.

Originally Posted by laurita_31 View Post
Ahhh great morning for me. Waiting for a tow truck after my car broke down on the way to work.
I suspect it's a heater tap or hose, coolant is all over the floor. Fantastic

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