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Just shop around, all depo headlights are the same. Warranty can be bought on angel eyes. Eagle Eyes taillights are the only ones that acutally work with no errors. DEPO LED taillights will throw errors like no tomorrow. Eagle Eyes is DOT and proven, keep with what works and gives you less problems.

If you want the best, I highly suggest going on ebay and buying yourself a set of OEM headlights, you will never get anything better than that, that is plug and play. You can always do a retrofit but that is more money out of your pocket, I think that is the last thing on your mind. Before you buy just browse around and look for a nice used set of oem headlights, you will be more happy in the end. I am for DEPO but if you can pay the same price for OEM and just replace the lens to get a set of headlights that look just as new, this is the best option for ya.
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