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That someday turned out to be today. Grounding the wires had NO EFFECT on the background noise. So this means I will have to wire directly into the HU, right? So I'll have to cut wires on the factory harness, I'm guessing I'll have to cut the connectors off the USA Spec harness as well? I may try to live with it for a while and see how that works. I wasn't planning on keeping this car more than a couple years, so I am a little reluctant to start hacking up the wiring. But at the same time, when I sell it, nowadays most people would probably appreciate a PROPERLY working iPod interface compared to a CD changer. On the other hand, even if I do decide to go ahead with this, I will STILL be unhappy with the sound system, b/c my front mid speakers are BLOWN (and possibly my right-front midbass too)! I ended up just disconnecting the mids up front, because the buzzing was driving me NUTS! I have also been unsuccessful at eliminating several rattles in the front doors. All the rear speakers sound great, in fact, I am VERY happy with the sound system when sitting in the back seat. The only problem is, YOU CANNOT DRIVE FROM THE BACK SEAT! I'm sure a BSW stage 1 setup would cure MOST of my blues, but again, I don't think I will keep this car very long so it's hard to justify the $600 price tag. My car has the H/K system, and I've spent a good amount of time browsing these forums. From what I have found, an upgrade for the front speakers (other than BSW) is not very easy or cheap, as in it requires a separate/new amp because of the odd ohms rating and crossovers built in to the factory amp. I feel lost, and really don't know what to do. Like I said, I guess I'll just have to think about it for a while. What would YOU do (anyone)?
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