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If you're okay with it, can we start mocking you seriously now? You really do deserve it, you know...

So this is the stupidest thing you've ever done? Dude, you put car into reverse from neutral, when you shouldn't have been in either.

Was a woman involved in any of this?

BTW, +1 on those who say stay in gear. I'm sorry you don't have a manual, as I'm sure are you, but think about it...if you had a manny, you'd have gone from neutral to where...pick a number...doesn't even have to be a forward gear!

So what do you think you were thinking...that coz you were going down a hill in neutral, that you had a steptronic all of a sudden and could push up for a lower gear? No, I'm thinking drugs, alcohol, or women...yes, two of the three.

Maybe something else going on in back seat...don't want to say what I'm thinking, OP, but I'm pretty sure you know I know. We can leave it at that, or you can do so explaining.

Sorry about those harsh words above...trying to find my fanatics voice! There are some really rude people here!


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