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Originally Posted by Killinspree View Post
these are all great replies so thanks everyone, i wont be putting it into neutral anymore thats for sure! il check and see what OBDII code i recieve, hopefully its nothing major but putting it into reverse gear while going 80 in the opposite direction was by far the stupidest thing ive done, i was expecting people to make fun of me hehe

just to clearify:
my car is only automatic- no step, those were introduced in the models an year after mine
problems only started occuring after my error
You were going 80!?!?!?

Maybe the fact that you have a straight up auto means you dont have the computer controlled bit in there either. Do you have a button at the bottom of the throttle movement? Do you have the capability of like a "sport" mode with "manual" shifting?

The tranny might have legitimately gone into reverse without a computer there to stop it. I would think bmw would design a saftey feature for this . Maybe read the manual to get some more info? I would look but I dont have a 1999 manual handy.

Hahaha Doug ^

Im not trying to be harsh at all. Im just trying to figure out what could have happened I guess... The U Haul videos just fit the bill.

De gustibus non est disputandum.

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