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Dating someone different

Guys, I was curious as to if any of you have ever dated someone who you didn't think you would?

I've been going with this chick now for awhile, and she likes to party drink etc.. Which is not my thing at all..I'm more of a laid back type. But I do love her, and she loves mee. (Or so we think right)

Do you guys think this is compatible? I mean obviously to an extent I guess it is, because we've been going steady for almost 2 years now.. But do you guys think I'm setting myself up for failure in the future? (Bear in mind, we do occasionally fight when she over-drinks, because sometimes I don't go to parties with her.. And you know how other guys are around drunk girls (this is reminding me of the jealousy thread) because we all know we (guys) can't trust another guy around a sober girl, let alone a tipsy one..
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