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ive never had a girlriend, too smart to drink and drive and never done drugs so none of those were factors haha

when the mis shift occured everything seemed fine at first, i reached my destination safely without noticing anything out of the ordinary, but when i left the destination the dash showed an check engine light, the time only time its noticable is going from a full stop to 40, or when idling, after that the car runs fairly smoothly. But a jerkiness motion can definatly be felt when accelerating from a complete stop.

im not blaming the manufacter but even i am suprised the car let me shift into reverse from neutral while the car was going 80 forward in the first place, i dont quite still know how i managed to do that- it happend none the less. no sport mode no steptronic or manual shifting, just straight up automatic.

il get the car checked out today hopefully n get back with the engine code
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