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A few thoughts:

- The plastic rivets aren't so bad, I've found that a trim removal tool works perfectly at getting the insert out without damaging anything. I use a PB Swiss 671/6. Amazon has this plus a bigger one for about $25. You can buy it individually direct from PB Swiss for about $16.

- The T-25 stuff is TORX Plus TP-25 (fits better, reduces your chance of stripping anything).

- The screw through the middle of the A/C tensioner takes a TP-45 (or TP-50) bit, but the hydraulic tensioner uses an 8mm or 9mm hex bit. You can fit a TORX in there, but best case you'll damage it enough so that you can only use TORX from now on... worst case you strip the head and have to pull the whole tensioner out. Check before you put force on it. Stick your finger in it or something.

- I was able to fit a 1/4" drive ratchet in for the block drain plug, no problem. No u-joints needed, maybe a 1" extension. The bolt looked rather chewed up so I just replaced it. It's cheap, so you might as well replace it (or have a spare on hand).

- I broke the expansion tank plug while tightening it (snapped the head off). It's cheap so you might as well order one just in case. FWIW, it's not designed to come all the way out. A different part b/t manual and automatic transmissions would make sense as the autos have a transmission thermostat right around there.
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