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Perhaps you can help me out with an annoying issue I'm having with the PA-12 as of this afternoon.

Everything was working great until I pulled and unplugged the HU (was considering replacing it but changed my mind)

When I put it back, put the fuses back in, and fired up the iPod/PA-12, I got the weird "no magazine" message and then a "No Disc" message when I hit buttons 1-5. A power cycle on the PA-12 and iPod fixed that, but now I can't get artist name/song title to display. It just shows "TR XX"

I checked dip switches (#2 and 3 on, everything else off, just like before), and unplugged both wires from the device and restarted the iPod touch. Nothing- still just "TR XX"

Haven't pulled the fuses or battery yet.... wanted to check if there was anything else I should do before that?

Thanks in advance!!

Originally Posted by steve.325i View Post
I have had the USA-Spec in my car since April/09 ... not once have I even thought about doing a battery reset -

On two occasion I have had the HU display NO MAGAZINE when I switch to iPod mode. BOTH time where right after my wife borrowed my car. I have NO idea how she did it but ...

Both time i was able to correct the behaviour by pulling either #7 or #41 fuse ... I don't remember which one but I know it was the 5A one, not the 30A.
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