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Thanks for the input, but no luck- resetting the fuses (7 & 41) didn't do anything.

The weird thing is, I don't think pulling the fuses actually "resets" the PA-12, b/c when I put the fuses back in, the song text is still not displaying and the song resumes from exactly where it left off.

Very frustrating.... to eliminate iPod as the issue, I tried two (pics below) as well as the HU display (TRXX vs. the display text that showed before briefly recycling power to the HU yesterday)

Any other suggestions prior to a battery pull (which would be disappointing and the first "kink" in the otherwise great PA-12) ??

(pics- sorry they're a bit blurry)

HU Display (sans display text)

Jumper Settings (#2 & 3 on)

iPod #1 (synced- "BMW")

iPod #2 (synced)

Originally Posted by steve.325i View Post
Hmmm, something is out of sync. Ok, first i should state that I have had the No Magazine message a third time since I made the post that you referred to and I was wrong, I had to pull the 30A fuse to recover operation.

Ok, that said - you power cycled only the PA12 and you got back music but no text. So that means that the PA12 is responding to comands from the HU, but the HU is not listening to the text coming back on the i-bus.

By pulling the fuses (both 7 & 41), count to ten & re-insert, you will restart both devices @ the same time & they should re-negotiate and do the plug & play dance and talk nicely after that.

It sounds like you did this the first time, but ....

I also recommend plugging in the 5A fuse first (#7) & then the 30A fuse (#41). That will power the radio standby first & then bring the accessories on line.

There is always the possibility of an ESD event taking the interface out during re-connnection, but I really doubt the chance of that happening - specially if you are in a humid location.
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