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Originally Posted by fredwlau View Post
Great, i'll search his threads up, i'm at a bit of a conflict trying to decide which model to go with. I currently drive a modified e90 335i and want to "upgrade" to an e46 and then eventually HPF stage 4 or an e92 and eventually ESS or Gintani S/C.

At first I favoured the e92 body style but the more threads I read and the more pictures I see of modified e46s, it really is growing on me, and hearing about some of the pulls that the hpf e46s do is really starting to sound appealing, especially considering overall if I went straight from N/A to stage 4 (when it's in production again) it would be cheaper as opposed to n/a e92 and then f/i. I do like the feeling of having a newer car on the road however which is why the e92 is still a choice.

Any thoughts?
Well i was almost in the same situation for past couple months i was trying to decide what to do and it was same thing...either sc e9x,m5 on spray or HPF M3 and after all the research HPF stage 2.5 is what im gonna go with For me stage 2.5 is perfect,lotsa power in pump mode and on meth/race it just gets crazy lol

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