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Thanks for the input- this is a real pain in the ass.

I'm on the road until Fri and will def try this as soon as I get back. Fingers crossed.

Originally Posted by steve.325i View Post
Once when I still had the Dice Silverline & I was attempting to debug the text not scrolling on my HU, I was probing at the 3-pin connector with my oscilloscope & the ground clip suceeded in slipping & shorting out the power to ground on the 3-pin connector. I don't remember which fuse I blew, but it was one of them. So that is my reason for beleiving that the power to the 3-pin connector flows through one of those fuses.

The song resumed from where it was because the iPod paused in that location. I believe your 'bookmarks' in the other playlists would have been lost with the power cycle.

All that said, I still have not helped you.

From your pics your dash matches mind. The CD soft button is also lit up over button 6. That should not be there.

I wish I remembered how I had my switches set. I might have to pull my backseat & check.

Honestly - a "battery reset" is overkill. Pulling 7 & 41 is sufficient.

My gut feeling right now is that your HU is not detecting it properly. If it's not too much trouble, I would try pulling the fuses, disconnect the PA12, put back in the fuses & operate the radio without anything connected to the CD changer interface. Then pull the fuses again & reconnect the PA12 & see if you get it back.

Thats all I have at this point. I will continue to ponder.

Anybody else experience anything like this?
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