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Either HPF E46 or wait for the new twin turbo straight 6 M... the current (E9x) has been dogged with mixed views on styling (Personally think it's the fugliest 3 ever), overweight setup and less than impressive power (same as the RS4 which came out 4 years earlier).

No I recon the E9x 3 series is doomed to become the VW Golf 3 of the bimmer world.. it is best to be forgotten and avoided.. and now that the E9x is soon to be 2nd hand only it really is a CR@P choice of car...

Also never buy into the "free servicing" bollocks... of COURSE you pay for the servicing.. in the price of the car.. why do you think cars with motorplan are more expensive? DOH! to cover the cost of the motorplan


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