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Originally Posted by NickG@TechniqueTuning View Post
Because there are too many variables with people creating their own turbo kits. EVERY kit is different, no matter how much people *think* or *say* "it's just like so-and-so's kit".......not!

On the other hand, people rarely make their own supercharger kits. Instead, they buy manufacturer based kits (Dinan, VF, AA, RMS, etc.) which is usually a preset list of hardware. Thus, I can make repeatable tunes via long distance which will work.
makes sense, but I'm curious would you tune a custom turboed car if the owner brought it to your shop so that all the variables could be accounted for?

I might be wrong but I feel like I saw a thread about a guy building a custom turbo for a Z3M and they said it was gonna be tuned by you.
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