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Originally Posted by fredwlau View Post
Yeah I've been weighing the differences between the 3 and 4 and it seems that for the price, 3 will give you close to identical performance. I'd like to wait and see the new figures for the 4 when it is in production again however. Can you provide any top end figures for both?

Only reason I haven't honoured the e9x with an AA s/c is simply because I've never seen one in person. It's not so much company specific as it is I just keep hearing mixed opinions about s/cing the e9x. ESS downs Gintani and Gintani downs ESS. If you have any opinions yourself please do share.

Well I have seen all 3 in person, however being an AA dealer I have much more information on quality and the type of R&D Active did before releasing their kit to the public.

I spent last Friday at active talking with the guys at Active about the ins and outs of their kit and reasoning for some of the delays they were having. And to start the Active E9x project car has had their kit installed on the car for over a year and throughout that time they have made changes and improved the kit while it was still in the R&D Process in house, this shows the end result quality that you will have once your ready to install it on your car. I personally love the design and OEM fitment that their kit seems to posses and how clean the engine bay is with everything installed.

As far as top end figures for the HPF Stage 3 & 4 what are you looking for HP figured or other type of data?

Hope this helps!
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