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Originally Posted by Killinspree View Post
ok so got the car checked out, dont know the specific code but it turns out it was a misfire on cylinder 2, might have not had anything to do with the mis shift after all.
so bought some brand new spark plugs, replaced all 6 and so far so good! car performs like its new again. i'l continue to post if the problem reoccurs, but if this did solve the problem- i might have dodged a bullet, it would be the best case senario i can think of for something that seemed like a major problem.
lmao op you just gave me a good laugh lol. in terms of codes from a bmw, a misfire on one cylinder is like the tiniest code i have ever seen lol. some guys come up here with like page long code readouts lol.

happy for you though and get a peake reader for gods sake!
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