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Originally Posted by mcopenha View Post
I posted a recent DIY on Xi control arms and bushings here: The content about the outer ball joint is similar I assume for non-xi's.

Don't use a pickle fork unless you're replacing the control arm. You'll ruin the boot on the ball joint. If you want to reuse control arms purchase a decent puller/separator as others have pointed out. You might also be able to get away with something like this, but again, go with the right ball joint separator.
Or you can use my simple method below that works like a charm and doesn't damage anything, besides the nut.

Originally Posted by Kubica View Post
Ok. Ok. There is a very easy way to do this without special tools:

1) Remove the nut on the ball joint.
2) Replace the same nut, but only tighten one or two turns.
3) Hit the nut with a big hammer so the ball joint drops 1/2", but will still be attached with the nut.
4) Remove nut again. Balljoint should come free. Replace nut.
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