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Thanks, man. I have a tube running from the brake duct to the box.

I really like having the box in place. I may even wrap it to see how it helps my intake temps:

If I ever go with an intake that runs into the front bumper, I'd like to go with the Pipercross (like UUC used to sell).

If anyone wants to send me a Dinan or Cosmos, I'd be happy to bolt it up and go get it tested against mine.


Originally Posted by Iceman00 View Post
The velocity stack probably helped the MAF read the added airflow better, but I think that design is questionable. I would tell you to consider a tube that extends into the bumper, and have a bypass valve (made by AEM) to prevent hydrolock. I will say that when I had my custom cold air intake set up (long tube type) I felt a boost in torque as well. They say it's due to the resonance of the tube and intake pulse, and other psychics that are above my pay grade. Great job though, I respect your methods and the information that you provide to the community.
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