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Sooo you were giving advice to somebody without having actual experience with it and without any proof that its possible or that its been done already??(1000hp or 10sec 335)

Originally Posted by howie View Post
I'm also referring to street cars...far from BMWs but they are street cars, except they have the whole traction thing figured out I guess. I'm not trying to have a d!ck measuring contest with u just b/c I have a stock 335 and u have an $100k M3. Fact is the op can do better than an 11 second e46 HPF m3 for the money it costs to build it. There's obviously no 335 built yet to compete with your 1100 hp, but I bet there's one very close.

If you search the forums, I have long referred to the 335 as the next Supra even before it came out so I guess it is the next F&F car if that's how u want to put it. It's a great car to start with, easily and cost effectively modded into great #s. U won't need anywhere near 1100hp to run sub 11s I guarantee that. 0-200 may be a different story, but again your spinning it your way with the huge turbo w/ tune setup for top end performance.

At this pace we're just going to turn this into the age old "I beat you off the line, you beat me top end" debate so I'll leave it alone now. I'm sure the op has plenty to ponder, just go research both cars discussed and others if he's serious about building a fast car but doesn't want to spend $ like it's growing on trees.

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