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Originally Posted by howie View Post
11.4 at <500hp would lead you to believe that any 335 with anywhere near 1000hp will run well into the mid-low 10s...unless they suddenly lost traction at some point
Im sorry to say this but you dont know what you are talking about. Does the 335 make magical HP that is different then other cars? Or does the chassis magically float on air just above the ground? You do realize power is what makes it hard to get traction down. As they up the power they will be faced with traction issues. This is what happened with the E46 M3, nobody has gotten the chance or had the will to go out there and give it all it has. This requires very big tires, a good track and good driver. Not once has the entire combination been exploited. It does look like the 335 crowd has some type of energy regarding getting times which is great. But it doesnt mean the 335 is an HPF M3 killer...
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