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Originally Posted by millerbmw323 View Post
If after inspecting the track system with a flashlight to make sure that there is nothing in them like broken parts, small sticks, or left over parts from the liner clips. I would try and readapt the limits on it. Be warned this may cause more damage if you don't let go or the button. Start the car, then press and hold the vent position, after about 10-30sec the sunroof will start to move, keep hold the button untill the glass panel finishes. The panel will go to vent, then retract all the way open and then close, at that point the new limit are learned. I can't say this enuff, if the sunroof binds or you hear things start to bind, crack, or break let go of the button.
If you start to hear things crack or break...yea, prolly good idea to stop!

OP, you can open up the roof pretty easily, I'm pretty sure, without getting into things too far...but you will not find anyone to fix this for you other than yourself or your dealer by installing a canister...virtually guarantee this.

Also, read up on many threads. The poster's above instructions seem reasonable, but you might want some more details before you do break something you can't fix easily.

But, I would echo his advice...often in auto work, when things start cracking, it's usually a signal for an ale!

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