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Non-sense. Comparing 60-130 has become popular with who?!? Nobody I see racing! That's what big turbo cars (probly mostly BMWs on boost) use as comparison between each other. I haven't met anyone outside this forum or should I say outside of any Bimmer forum discussing those number b/c they really don't mean sh!t. 0-60, 1/4 mile, and trap speed is what u measure a car by. And if your car is really that fast the 60-130 is only a few seconds anyways so y waste time counting that?!? Get the Dynolicious app on your iPhone and u'll get all the info you want.

We know for a fact that a 335 non-LSD with simply JB3, intake, light spray and tires runs low imagine what that same car with LSD, full exhaust, bigger intercooler, piping, tune, etc would run!? I don't think you HPF guys want to see that happen tho.

I'm not talking down on the HPFs at all, I'm just saying based on the 1/4 mile times thereof, and since he already has a 335, he can achieve HPF #s and possibly even better without having to switch cars and spend another $10k + to compete with current #s
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11.4 at <500hp would lead you to believe that any 335 with anywhere near 1000hp will run well into the mid-low 10s...unless they suddenly lost traction at some point
lisen to you. No offense. But 60-130 times are one of the biggest and easiest ways to compare cars these days. They dont require a 1/4 drag strip and track day to prove what your car can do. Also ALL my friends witch in our group out here a 1000hp car is common do 60-130 times to compare. hence the HUGE list on 6speedonline. You 335 guys always talk smack and pull the what IF and IF i had this i WOULD beat that. Btw arent you the guy that bought that "twin turbo" badge from pepboys and put it on your car? Sorry to come off mean i just dont like to see ppl coming in here thinking they know what their talking about then putting down some of my good friends on here. I welcome ANY 335 to come out with us and show me what its got. till then they are not at this level yet. No hard feelings.
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wat?? guys with turbo M3's don't have woman troubles...

try adjusting your wastegate
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