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Originally Posted by TxZHP04 View Post
That's kind of like saying Toyota is a performance car company because they happen to have the LF-A. KW offers a wide range of product. They do make some decent track oriented setups but those are in a completely different league from the entry level/street systems popular here.

EDIT: You affiliated with HP Autowerks? It's funny you appeared out of nowhere talking about how great Swift springs are and then all of the sudden HPA starts marketing them heavily.
LOL I have nothing to do with HP. But I am a big believer in Swift.
And no that is completely different. In most cases a KW Varient 3 is the exact same shock as the Clubsport, except the Clubsport comes with tophats and camber plates.
And if you think about it, building up with time rather than buying it all at once is always not a bad option.
I mean some people bought the varient 3's and not the Clubsport because they couldnt afford it at the time. But then when they have the money they can buy the top hats and linnear springs and now they have a Clubsport.

HP just happen to make a post about Swift, I never said once that HP was a good dealer, hell I've never even bought from them before.
Like I said I am a big fan of Swift. Hey man a good product is a good product.
Here is my original thread

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