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Originally Posted by cnotesdip View Post
That's true but think about the future of the e90 maybe one day it will be faster than any HPF E46.....
You never know... For now the 1/4 mile records are still held my an E30 and E36. The E46 has not even proved its 1/4 mile numbers yet. But they have shown big power. The E9x M3's are showing good power already as well. Most of these BMW motors can make the power no doubt about it. Honestly it comes down to who is motivated the most, does more research and work on getting times to show them off. Even 60-130 times are very hard to achieve correctly. The E36 and E30 have just recently (a year or so) broken into the 9's, this is only after a proper drag setup. I can see someone with an E46 doing this sometime soon.
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