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Originally Posted by e46jan View Post
you guys lookin to add sapi plates to the list??? just curious
I honestly don't think it'd be a big issue for many people be needing body armor. Given that most "bug-out" situations would be related to natural disasters or some form of chemical spill/toxic contamination, it would be more prudent to invest in essential survival supplies. Most SAPI plates run about 6.5-7lbs (unless you get Dyneema Polyethylene plates, which you probably wouldn't be able to), and you need two of them. Having a plate carrier is nice, but they work much better when combined with soft armor. You're looking at anywhere from 17 to 35lbs of weight, depending on what carry system you'd use. Keep in mind that a bug-out system is designed to do just that- BUG OUT. Get out of Dodge, not stand and fight. Heavy battle armor is going to just slow you down. It'd be much more prudent to invest in standard NIJ Level IIIA concealable Kevlar body armor.

Of course, I won't negate those of you/us that have bug-out equipment for a Red Dawn scenario.
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