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Originally Posted by ASSAIL View Post
i just wrote to CCV to get a parking fine revoked. I even took photos of the parking officer, parked in a no standing zone to fine my car!!!
thought id update this one:

parking fine wasnt revoked so i decided to take it to court (i like to argue)

went to court for a prehearing (hearing to see if i should get a contest mention), had an argument with kingston councils prosecutor about what constitutes leaving a parking area, yadda yadda, she didnt want it to go to contest mention, judge agreed with me so booked in a contest mention date, where the parking inspector has to come to court too so i can question him.

2 days later i get a letter from kingston council stating that the officer isnt available to attend court on the given date and therefore they will be withdrawing the charges.

Me 1: Council 0
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