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Something all convertible owners should be aware of, if the window anti-pinch protection is faulted for some reason, like having the battery disconnected for too long, the window motors need to be "standardized to active pinch protection."

Symptoms of faulted pinch protection is as follows:
a. Front window express/auto up feature does not work for either one or both windows.
b. One or both front windows do not raise with the master window switch, but will both go down with the master window switch.
c. One of both front windows do not raise while holding the key in the locked position in the drivers door handle.
d. Front windows work fine with individual window switches and express/auto down function still works.

Well a long waste of time at the dealer as what was in the owners manual was not for convertibles, the I was unsuccessful with procedure that fitsir provided (thanks for the info, maybe it would have worked if I would have been persistent??) and I was unable to find my Bentley Manual. After 2 hours at the dealer I was told that both window regulators needed to be replaced!!! I was thinking, oh well it is under warranty, however, I did not want my doors ripped apart by some monkey and have the ever lasting water leaks due to poor vapor barrier re-installation, water and wind leaks due to poorly aligned windows and the ever lasting rattles and noised due to missing or incorrectly installed hardware.

Well glad I held my ground and said hell no, no window regulators to be installed. Why would both window regulators go out at the exact same time. The car only has 30,000 miles and was working fine until the battery was replaced, at the dealer last week and under warranty!!!

Well it took the dealer ANOTHER 2 hours and 4 different techs along with the Shop Foreman to sort things out. It appears the Shop Foreman sorted 1 window, told the tech how to do it, left for another job and the tech screwed around for over 1 hour asking for help from others in the shop.

The dealer did finally have success reinitializing the window pinch protection, however, it took over 4 1/2 hours and at least 5 different people looking at the car!

Well I finally found my Bentley Manual after I came home (Note to self, do not allow Bentley Manual to become misplaced again!!)

Here is the procedure directly from the Bentley Manual for the Convertible Window Motor Standardization procedure. Note, I have not performed this procedure, however, I assume it is the proper way to "standardize" the windows. There may be other ways that work as well, however, I have yet to try them.

"" M3 Convertibles manufactured from 03/2003 and Convertibles from 09/2003 feature anti-pinch protection for the front windows. Pinch protection function is integrated in the individual power window motors. Following repair work on the power windows, window motors need to be standardized to active pinch protection.

- With convertible top in closed position, or hardtop in place, open the front windows fully.

- Disconnect and reconnect fuse 57 at the fuse panel. See 610 Electrical Component Locations.

- Close window by pulling up and holding window switch to second detent.

- When fully closed, keep switch in second detent position for at least 3 seconds.

- Repeat for opposite window.

Now a few possibly "less than obvious" things that someone needs to keep in mind when trying this procedure:

a. Make sure both doors are fully closed.
b. You need to pull fuse 57 after lowering both windows but each time before raising each window. So fuse 57 will need to be pulled two times.
c. Make sure you hold the window switches up to the second detent position when raising the windows, then hold for an additional 3 seconds. Error on the side of longer than 3 seconds would be my suggestion.
d. The owners manual only describes the "reinitialization" for non convertibles.
e. The owners manual "clearly" states that after the battery has been disconnected the trap protection must be reinitialized. Note that this may only be true if the battery is disconnected for possibly longer than 15-30 minutes?? as I have had my battery disconnected before for approximately 20-25 minutes before and did not have problems with the windows.

One additional caveat is that the dealer mentioned there was some Service Information Bulletin regarding convertible windows with pinch protection where if they are faulted, the window motor may need to be replaced. I choose not to have my car butchered as I knew that both windows acted up at the same time and it was right after a battery replacement. If I was having a problem with only a single window, I may have gone for a replacement window motor, but my situation was very much different.

So convertible owners, suggest you print this post and put it in your service records or owners manual for future reference.
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