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Originally Posted by d'ray18 View Post
I didn't say it was completed yet but it is in the plan, why am I "these" people, just cause you don't know me, lol.. confirmed by Chris that the 335/135 will be developed in 3 Stages; Stage 1 is all bolt ons (exhaust, intercooler, dp's, bov, etc.) and piggyback software, Stage 2 will be a single turbo + manifold upgrade, and Stage 3 will be a fully built motor with single turbo.. but I'm fully aware that it'll take some time to develop.. Chris told me in person at Bimmerfest that he believes they will succeed..

There are a lot of "these people" who run around on the forums trying to look cool posting bs about some company they have no clue about. Is all im saying. Ive been with HPF since 2007 and know all of them personally so i know about a lot of projects that are going to happen.
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wat?? guys with turbo M3's don't have woman troubles...

try adjusting your wastegate
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